God can change everything!!.. if I do not give up.!

18 Oct

I have had difficult time in school and every assignment because I am an international student.Sometime, I feel very frustrated in class because I cannot understand a lecture. I had very hard time in patho. class in second semester. I could not fully understand the lecture and subject.

A name of disease is very difficult because it is English but if I translate Korean I can understand clear and faster.  When I read a textbook I spent 2days to read one chapter because I need to find definition of many word using dictionary. 

I really wanted to give up so I was absent class few times.  In addition I had some problem about group assignment so I was almost fail. I talked to myself if I gave up this subject I cannot work as a nurse because there must be more difficult and harder situations in the future.

I lost my confidence at that time so I was afraid to go to school. I cried in c-train in the morning.However, my friend told me every day for me that you can do it because you are smart. Also, I encourage myself that I can do it. Finally, I could pass patho. so, I could study 3rd semester with my good friend. 

I really want to say if you have hard time right now, do not give up and trust yourself and talk to yourself you can do it and you are smart.  This experience will help me when I work at hospital in the future. I am pretty sure working as a nurse is more difficult than studying school. Do not give up!!

My weakness is making a Nursing Care Plan.

18 Oct

Nursing care plan is my head ache part of study. I have learned this subject in 2nd semester. Nursing care plan is a plan, based on a nursing assessment and a nursing diagnosis, carried out by a nurse. I just thought that it just need in school for understanding nursing work and process of patient’s treatment. I was wrong. I could find when I was in clinic a nurse made nursing care plan for patient.  I need to study this subject continuously until I make nursing care plan without any help and any situation. It is continuous leaning in my nursing career.

I am attending 2nd clinical right now I have 3 assignments of making nursing care plan for my patient. First my assignment was so bad my instructor told me that I need to improve my skill for making plan. I looked for website which can help my understanding. And I could find this website. http://www1.us.elsevierhealth.com/MERLIN/Gulanick/Constructor/

This website is very useful for understanding each diagnosis and related aspect. In addition, my friend taught me that relate to is the cause of diagnosis and evidenced by is what I see from patient.

 I submitted my last assignment for making nursing care plan. My instructor told me my care plan was huge improvement. If I keep studying a nursing care plan, I can make effective care plan for my patient. Also, it will be a big advantage for my career.

Go to hospital as an immigrant..

18 Oct

Canada is multicultural country which means people who have diverse nation live in Canada. “Between July 1, 2005 and July 1, 2006, Canada’s population increased by 324,000 to an estimated 32,623,500.During this period, the nation took in 254,400 immigrants, 9,800 more than in the previous year. It was the highest level since 2001/2002 when 256,300 international migrants arrived in Canada” (Statics Canada, 2006). Therefore, each of immigrants has their mother tongue like me.  I am an international student who came from South Korea. If they get enough education for English they might have at least one event of miscommunication with someone in Canada.

I had one assignment for nursing care plan in community nursing class. I needed to research community that my Korean church community for my paper. During research, I could find they who are immigrants have had problem to go hospital because of communication with health care providers. They cannot explain their symptom of disease and understand what staffs say to them. I also have difficult time when I first went to clinic because I did not enough vocabulary about medical fields.

In this situation, the health care providers’ role is very important they need to be patient when they communicate with patient. They need to use easy vocabulary with body language. Also, picture can be help to understand. Sometime, hospital has interpreter, they can provide interpreter to patient for effective communication.

I have several difficult times in hospital and clinic. I might be more understand their feeling so

I could provide comfort situation when I communicate with patient. I expect to see patient who is Korean when I work at hospital in the future.

Reference: Retrieved from http://www.statcan.gc.ca/daily-quotidien/060927/dq060927a-eng.htm

Make sure accurate doses of your medications!!

18 Oct

I could not understand why I need to prove math grade in high school when I applied PN course.  I need to pass which is over 90% math exam in pharm. class in 2nd semester.  Numeracy is part of nursing study to calculate medications for patient. One study revealed that 56% of nurses could not calculate medication dosages to a 90% proficiency rate. In addition, nurses made significantly more errors in calculating intravenous drug dosages as compared to oral, intramuscular, or subcutaneous drug dosages (Ashby, 1997).

I am taking 3rd semester right now so I am attending clinical two days a week. I had a chance to administrate insulin to diabetic patient few weeks ago. It was not difficult to give insulin because it was insulin pen instead of syringe. Therefore I could easily adjust doses of insulin according to sliding scale of blood glucose. However, I needed to match doses of insulin with sliding scale very carefully to prevent medication error.

Here is one website which helps procedure of medication calculation. http://nursesaregreat.com/articles/drugcal.htm

This website is explained detail about converting and other types of calculation. If I have fully confident with calculation of whole medications I can save my patient from the medication error. However, even if I have a confidence about medication calculation I need to extra concern when I calculate medications for my career and my patient.

Reference:Retrieved from http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0FSS/is_1_13/ai_n17206621/

Hello world!

1 Oct

Hello. Guy.

My name is Jisoo Kim but call me Eva.

Thank you for visiting my blog!!




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